Does the Directory contain Contact Names?

We do not include contact names (although many of the email addresses listed contain a named contact, example: Please understand you will find it impossible to obtain genuine and up to date Lists or Directories with contact names at our price point as the only way to keep such contact names up to date is to telephone the organizations every few months to check the contact information which is obviously an expensive process resulting in finished data which is then sold at far higher prices. Please be wary of any seemingly similar lists at our price point with contact names as the maths simply does not add up.

How many times can I use my purchased list?

You can use the list as many times as you like.

How are my data purchases sent to me / Where is my download link?

The Directory is provided in .csv format via a download link which will be emailed to you as per the details in the Shopping Cart page.

We offer payment via Paypal where you can pay securely with most major credit cards or via a Paypal account.

The download link will be sent to the email address that you provide when completing payment at Paypal. (Please ensure that you provide a correct and working email address.) The subject/title of this email is “Download Link…”. The link will be active only for a few days so please save the file to your PC or device after downloading it.

If it appears you have not received the download link within the time frame we stipulate in the Shopping Cart then contact us but please firstly check your spam folder or any other folder that might filter incoming email. Also please ensure that your email system does not block incoming email messages that contain links.

My PayPal payment has been declined – can you help?

In the unlikely event that your payment is declined please make a note of the reason given and then email us for further assistance – we can often offer a solution.

We had bad experiences when buying lists from other vendors. How can we check out vendors such as yourself before purchase?

Firstly, before buying ANY product online especially mailing lists or other digital products we advise you to carry out due diligence via the web prior to purchase. Visit respected sites such as the Better Business Bureau or the Rip Off Report and search for company and product name/type to see if there have been complaints. Do the same via major search engines such as Google – search for company or product name followed by words such as complaint, scam, rip off etc. You will not have to search for long to discover the vendors to avoid.

What is .csv format? How can I open a .csv file?

CSV stands for “Comma Separated Value”. Please open the .CVS file using EXCEL or ACCESS or another popular spreadsheet or database application. Contact us if you are using an APPLE MAC without MS Office installed and experience any difficulties opening the file – we have a work around.

How old is all this data?

The data is continuously checked. Confirmation emails and company checks are made every two to three months and verified as correct.

How was this list researched? Is this an opt in list?

Please see the Research Methods and Terms of Business pages.

What about duplicate email address records?

There are no duplicate email addresses in each Directory.

Do you provide sample data?

Please see the example records on the Home or Introduction page.

Are the email addresses provided “verified”?

We send an email message to all of the email addresses listed in the Directory every few months and delete addresses that bounce. See the Research Methods page.